“You will love and be extremely impressed by discovering new tools to live victoriously in Christ’sword.
Here are a few benefits available to you from God’s word that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Peace and freedom from worry, by understanding that your Heavenly Father cares and has your best interest,
as His top priority.

Your faith as defined in this book, will be increased.

Health restored, your finances
increased by understanding His, as well as the power of your words put into action.

Since knowledge is power, the definition of just one word can make all the difference in your understanding to be an
effective, victorious child of God”.


 -C Earl Romig


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 “The Power of Communion Revealed: Getting Away from Religion and Stepping Into Relationship”, which talks about the word of God in a new and modern perspective. 

This book delves deeper into the original teachings of God to help you receive the lessons passed on in a more personal way.


By the end, you will appreciate the written words not as a religious doctrine, but in a more personal and spiritual way.



the power of communion Revealed







"The Power of Communion Revealed: Getting Away from Religion and Stepping Into Relationship"

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 Who is this C. Eral Romig? He will sum it up in two words; a nobody. He counts all things as losable for Christ. If any crown is put on him by the Lord, it will be cast at His feet, not when we all get to heaven but immodestly No achievement came, except through Christ who enables us all.

 He was the first borne of parents in Milwaukee Wisconsin who were called to be pioneer missionaries to Venezuela South America. Nine years later he found himself in the Venezuela jungles close to the Brazil boarder. The mission group they affiliated with named New Tribes Mission. The next air plane carrying the next group of missionaries crashed; taking all the families on board into the presence of the Lord. This is the missionary group that if you read in your newspaper of a missionary being killed, it will very well be a New Triber. His parents knew the five killed in Ecuador, having attended the same training camp.


Because of his father and missionary partner’s difficulty with the native languages he, at the age of twelve was brought on most of the visited villages as an interpreter since he was fluent in Spanish. The knowledge of Spanish has been a great influence in understanding Greek and Hebrew grammar, sentence structure and way of thinking. Bothe of his parents had health and adjustment issues relating to the extreme tropical conditions, causing the family to terminate the mission after four years.

Back in the Sates, the family settled in Anaheim California where he finished his education; meagering in industrial arts for teaching. The Lord however, had other plans for him. He married and two years later, with their first child on the way, the Lord chose for him to go into business for himself; the hair business was that choice. In the fall of 1968 they moved to Ashland Oregon, were his wife had grown up. A barbering business had been purchased. His wife was able to transfer her employment with Bell Telephone Co., which she soon resigned in preference to be a mom to the son and daughter.

Throughout all this time he remained an adamant student of the word of God. This eventually led to the deeper study of what the original text was actually saying. Over the decades, the Lord taught that some of words used by the scholars of the KJV version did not line up with the original text. This aroused his curiosity about how accurate some key passages would actually read and this righting was the results of those years of study. However, it was the attending of a particular church and their attitude toward the taking of, or more accurately, the lack of observing the sacrament of communion. They theorized that somehow it had morphed into some kind of spiritual endeavor, possibly even an unreachable spiritual place. By the way, the whole congregation were sick and some had deficient hearing. One member of the church had died two weeks ahead of his first visit. After he started attending, he had the opportunity to put his hand on and pray for a young man that was scheduled for knee surgery. Six months later not knowing who was who in the congregation he discovered that the man prayed for died as a result of that surgery.

The fist time he stepped through the door the Lord spoke to him and said, ”I want you to join this body but keep your eyes open and your mouth shut; and so he did. As the attendance continued the Lord was giving him dreams concerning what He intended to do for that body of worshipers. The dreams continued with out being understood until sometime later.

In the mean time the two men that had invited him to come and visit their church, were in the process of elevating this one to some kind of status in the denomination’s organization, because of his scripture knowledge.  This was definitely not in the Lord’s plans. Just before the Lord took him out of that church, this one was preparing a few scriptures that hopefully would help this congregation to change their minds concerning communion; this was not to be! Lord said, “If you say one more word, I will remove your light from its candle-holder! The “you must decrease and I must increase”. Upon hearing this, Mr. Bible man left that church with coat-tails aflapin. You see, John the Baptist was told, these exact same words and the Bible tells us what happened to him.

Now, concerning the cover, as the reader can see this author is an armature artist. The cover is a rendition of an encounter the author had on December 27, 2007; having stood before the Lord Jesus Christ. This encounter took place after a dream in which the Lord showed this author his face. However, after the dream, not knowing what to do with such a dream like this, the dream was put in the back of his mind and temporarily forgotten, until the morning after the actual encounter, the evening before. The things leading up to the encounter, the reason for, and the result after is lengthy enough to need a lot of explanation. 

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 the book

What is communion, and where did it come from? Is it an ancient ritual of the old church era? Has its time come and gone? Is there a new spiritual order? In The Power of Communion Revealed, author C. Earl Romig addresses, examines, and places these questions and more in the proper perspective.



He offers an in-depth study of the power of communion, going back to the original scriptures in Greek and Hebrew. Romig shares greater insight into what Jesus Christ meant, as opposed to the Christian scribes who translated Bible books into English. Through a host of Bible verses, The Power of Communion Revealed calls attention to the information that might have been missed in interpretation throughout the span of two thousand years.

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“The Power of Communion Revealed: Getting Away from Religion and Stepping Into Relationship”

You can email


to get a copy of

“The Power of Communion Revealed: Getting Away from Religion and Stepping Into Relationship”